New Hypergate for LeBourg goes Live

As Le Bourg and more than 50 hectares of the beautiful countryside, towns, villages and hamlets of Auvergne nears completion, we connect our "stand-alone server to the OS Grid and other leading OpenSimulator Grids throughout Europe and around the world. Here you see one of the creators, cautiously preparing to use the Hypergate to cross to another grid.

Already starting to arrive to see what the team has created, are people who are keen to bring their own knowledge and creative skills to the regions. First comments "Wow, you have done a great job", "It feels stable and the sim crossings are pretty smooth.", and "You have done a lot of work here, it looks fantastic and has a great ambiance." are both rewarding and reassuring.

As more opensimulator enthusiasts arrive, bringing their own skills to the project, rapid developments can be expected. If you haven't already visited, what are you waiting for??? Create yourself an account and come take a look for yourself.

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